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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  July 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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proposal voted on today raises a debt limit and adds on a requirement to amend the constitution. on the floors of the house, the speaker of the house john boehner made an impassioned plea. >> it's time for our colleague as cross the aisle, put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> the speak years plan raises a debt limit by $900 kbrinl, cutting government spending by $917 billion, and it does not raise taxes on anyone. house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> it's on the floor today, balanced budget. in what way? balanced in whose favor? it looks like a see saw to me. >> pelosi tried against republicans but the call for a balanced budget in the boehner plan is the measure that will doom it, says senator boxer. >> this is the first balanced budget amendment introduced in the 30s, it's never passed
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both houses. it's very controversial because people feel you can't respond quick enough to war or to disaster. you can't respond to recession. >> palo alto congress woman. >> look at the hell we're going through now. this bill guarantees that in a few months we'd have to go through the same hell. >> he is right, they'd have to go another vote so all eyes are turning to the senate. the manl ti leader promised his own $2 trillion plan will be ready for a vote saturday night. >> even if the senate can come up with something that they can agree and kit get some republican support, it's not clear the house is going to vote for this, look at what they've done. they've said this is what we want. it's our way or the highway. so i still am very hesitant to think about prospects of dpeenss. >> once more, speaker boehner.
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and yes, people can be critical of what we've done. but where are the other ideas? >> other ideas are on the senate side. the last best hope we're getting a compromise and as the professor points out you've got to get that through the house that, will be a challenge. >> no doubt, it will. will the house be taking that up this weekend? >> yes. the bill due to come for a vote in the house tomorrow at 1:00. speaker boehner says he'll bring it up. guess why? he wants to kill it. it's a show boat to say no. we're not going to vote for that plan, either. >> we're back to square one. >> thank you. >> and a lot of financial experts are predicting that a government default would send the economy into another tail spin. take a look at what stock market did today. dow jones fell nearly 100 points and off more than 600 for the week. so what will happen to your financial situation? if congress doesn't act in here is jonathan bloom. for those who thought the
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economy was recovering, word a default could send rates skyward brings fears of another recession. >> it's f.rates increase it may put us into terms of not being able to meet mortgage payments again or to be able to handle basic things we need to pay for in live. >> the housing market stands to be the first victim, says mortgage expert ed crane. >> anything creating head winds for housing market, which higher rates and faimt payments would do, is going to be making it more difficult for that housing recovery we're hoping for. >> if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by deadline next week, crane says rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage could goup half a percent, raising house payments by as much as a few hundred dollars. for homeowner who's locked in rates... >> there is a slightly higher credit card rate and lowers amount of money available. >> a government default could hurt college students. >> makes it harder to pull out a loan and more difficult to just get started with slides,
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think. >> and put the pell grant program many rely on in jeopardy. >> now, i can pay for classes but if something changed i won't have that expendable income. >> amid talk of what would happen if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling another theme pops up. it seems people congress is bluffing. >> i think this is political theater. and i think behind the scenes they're going to strike a compromise. i think everybody loses if we don't agree to debt keeling. >> experts suggest a compromise is farther away than ever, making some people angry. >> it's a little bit petty. i think there are more worried about being right and getting their way than about the american people. >> and money problems in washington could are v.a big impact on california, especially on unemployment. edd is notifying more than one million californians if the crisis is not resolved their check koz stop coming.
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>> we don't have a reserve in our insurance trust fund. it's about $8.5 billion in the hole right now. we don't have that kind of backing to be able to pay basements right now. >> and also, schools are worried they won't be able to provide free lunches to children and a gas tax that goes to projects might not be distributed. >> and executives are growing concerned that the come back could be derailed by the impass. abc 7's david louie is live with what those tech leaders are saying. caved? >> ceos say there is a simple proposition for congress. if lawmakers do their job and get a debt deal done, ceos will focus on getting the economy back on track. no region of the country holds more promise to generate jobs and put the economy back on track. but record profits, job creation and growth could become casualties of a default.
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>> stocks could fall 20% to 30%. and it's going to affect borrowing and sales. it's going to affect everyone. because psychologically, every company holds back on buying because they don't know when they're going to get their worst dollar. >> that is the worst sis kais scenario. they gathered to plan how to creator jobs. >> the government is dysfunctional and creates a complex environment for all of us, making it difficult for me to commit to north american market and to highering. it's not good for anyone. >> that is coming from a senior executive of a company based in china and how an unstable u.s. economy can ripple through the global economy. the valley is filled with firms that hire locally to do research and development and sales. another concern is rising race rates if the credit rating is lowered because of default. >> we don't borrow that much. there are times, california company so it might not impact us as a company but goitsing to impact some companies more,
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borrowing a lot to operate. >> top u.s. bank executives met with officials in washington, warning default would have grave consequences. but there is one more concern about the impass. government spending is targeted for huge reduction skptz federal government is a major customer of information technology. uc public policy pro fersor is concerned. >> this is the absolute opposite economic policy from what you fwhant a period where this economy is struggling. >> the phone shall ripple affect over u.s. default could hit silicon valley hard. apple about 62% of the sales last quarter overseas. >> and david, thank you very much. we have late news from oakland tonight. police have arrested an assault suspect after a high-speed chase along city streets and interstate 8806789 officers spotted a suspect at
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72nd street and international boulevard. a second suspect may have run off at the end of the chase. sky 7 spotted a gun and police have not confirmed whether the gun is connected to the incident. >> police need your help in finding a gunman who killed a midnight missionary. late today, the issued this picture of a man turquoise ford win star minivan. and 29-year-old paris powell, known as brother john was killed in a drive by shooting while feeding the homeless tuesday morning. his pregnant wife and one of the two children with him were wounded. there is a $25,000 reward. >> and san francisco police chief wants to remind people that his reminder follows recover rif a missing gun from a shoot out in the bay strew district that. has a ni hi number of guns
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that are seized. we'll have more on this. vick? >> an epidemic of guns is what one savvy street wise activist calls it. police say they confiscate lots of them, that, they say, includes the gun kenneth harding was carrying when he accidentally shot himself. police say this is kenneth harding's missing gun. the one recovered. investigators say someone stole it from the crime scene two weeks ago. if it wasn't found, would it have ended up as one of many circulating in the bay view. >> from last 64 days we've confiscated 26 firearms, 25 with arrests z 20 of them actually automatic weapons. >> these are some of the guns police seized. >> most of these individuals who are care r carrying firearms are on probation or parole or have lengthy records. >> police find guns around the city. but roughly 30% of those
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seized come from the bay view. why? >> we've had a lot of gang activity over the years. and that is a major reason. narcotics dealing that occurs in this district and guns and narcotic goes hand in hand. >> this is about 400s skpdz $500. >> sean richard says firearms are an epidemic here. >> now, you're getting young men at the age of 13, 14 getting a hold of guns, yun men between ages 13, 14, doing homicides and shooting autos this he shows a gang member taking an assault gun from it's hiding place. they call this a community gun. a firearm shared by members of a gang. police say they've seized many community gun oodz they used a weapon in a commission of crime, then put it fwhak a secret location. >> the city is offering rewards to get guns off the streets. the chief says no questions are asked. >> the whereabouts of any gun we're happy to take that gun
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off if it doesn't come with an arrest that is fine, too. >> and police are giving a thousand dollars reward for information leading to arrest of someone with a gun. and $500 for an assault weapon, even without an arrest. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and vick, thank you very much. and coming up next, a new campaign for california jobs and the mask that could change who you vote for. >> tonight a warning from patrol. bay area bridge drivers heating up the chp is cracking down. and a promising new sign for two american hikers facing trial in iran after two years in custody, it appears they're fate is about to be decided. >> and a kiss is but a kiss and this unforgetable one will last forever. h@ededededededededd
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. lieutenant governor revealed an aggressive plan to revitalize cal l cal's economy, calling for creation of a state office of economic development headed by a jobs tsar who would report to the governor, forming economic strike teams, boosting manufacturing and exports, promoting trade overseas beginning with a office in china in the next six months. saying california has been without an economic work force strategy for more than a decade. and that affected ability to work a business. >> nation's job growth is a little bit better. tharn california. so this is serious. because this is a about not only our fate in future, but by definition, fate and future of the country. >> and california currently has the second highest
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unemployment rate in the nation. >> and how has the down turn changed your life? send us your testimonial so we can tell your story. you can e mail it. or, upload to it you 7 >> and an independent citizen's commission issued a new set of maps. the new lines for bay area congressional delegation created district that stretches from marin county to the oregon border. they divide the city of fremont in two districts and could force several to run against each other. the maps were drawn without party afillation they give hispanic vote strong influence and may allow democrats to achieve a super majority in sacramento. >> we have created a new landscape with opportunities for new leadership from across california to emerge. i think this will be over the long term, that we have commissioners are able to look back and identify the impablgt
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these maps have made on the state of california. oolt commission will give final certification to the new maps in two weeks but the republican party claims the process wasn't transparent enough and it's considering a lawsuit. study the maps you'll find a link on abc 7 under see it on tv. >> caltrans slapped with a $381,000 water pollution fine levied at bay area regional water control board saying caltrans did not take proper precautions in the toll lanes. the boards said caltrans should have made sure the contractor was using straw to filter runnoff to make sure polluted storm water did not reach the bay during construction. the patrol plans to crack down on speeder as long the upper deck of the bay bridge. this comes after auto mated dedirectors show drivers are going about 10 miles per hour faster than a year ago. the speed limit approaching sometimes treacherous s curve before yerba buena island is
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40 miles per hour. caltrans and chp will determine if drivers are guesting message and whether those patrols need to stay on the bridge. >> and construction crews began installing last of four cat walks that will allow work to proceed on the new eastern span of the bay bridge, used by workers to string thousands of miles of wire up and over the bridges tower and this will support a deck with 10 lanes of traffic. >> weekend is here and there is beautiful weather this weekend. this is what call summer doll brums -- doll drums. there is a live picture. and there is low clouds and a strong breeze now. travis air force base
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reporting winds 29 gusting to 37. when you have wind coming in off the ocean goitsing to push the marine layer in a little bit earlier, taking a look at satellite picture from afternoon, you'll notice that all afternoon, extensive clouds cling together coastline, inland areas enjoying sunshine and there is a wide range of temperatures. 60s at the coast. sierra nevada there is live doppler 7 hd. numerous lightning bolts here, we've been watching thunderstorms developing. some very strong over 900 lightning strikes reported. and we're going to see a repeat into the weekend. temperatures now here, into 60s at beaches and there are 80s inland. our highlights coastal fog locally inland. mild to warm for weekend. high clouds heading in the same subtropical moisture providing thunderstorms to the sierra nevada coming our way in the form of higher clouds. you can see it here. just moving in over the sierra
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nevada. and this is the area that will be seeing the thunderstorms developing over the weekend. from south lake tahoe to yosemite down towards las vegas this is going to be the case. it's monsoonal moisture getting repeated again on sunday. and some of the moisture is actually going to move its way out towards the san benito areas so isolated showers or thunderstorms may develop here. and sunday morning so if you're traveling to that area, on sunday just keep this in mind. temperatures into 50s tonight except for antioch, 61 degrees and we'll see fog filling into valleys as well like napa and santa rosa starting to push in towards oakland area. tomorrow afternoon, looking for temperatures into upper 70s to mid-80s, 80 in san jose, close to normal at this time of the year. 79 santa clara. 84 in saratoga. you'll see some high clouds
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moving in filtering the sun at times. and 77 degrees in palo alto and redwood city. coastal areas, stuck in fog but there may be sunny breaks. 64 degree hz in half moon bay. some of you like the fog, right? downtown san francisco, 66 degrees, 63 into the sunset district. north bay, 90s in clear lake. 63 in stintson beach. 76 degrees in santa rosa. east bay, upper 60s to upper 70s. 0 oakland, heading inland a warm, sunny day. 87 concord. around the bay, 66 in monterey. 64 for you in carmel. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's low to mid-60s at the coast. 90s inland. a few extra clouds to contend with. there is a beautiful weekend and cooler to start off next week and then, temperatures just bouncing back. >> thank you. >> and imagine every driver in the country averaging 54 miles
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to the gallon. a plan to raise the barre on fuel efficiency, just ahead.
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families of two uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran nearly two years are hoping their ordeal will finally thend weekend. the two are court for what iranian authorities say will be the last hearing in this case. sarah showered was detained but released in the fall. today in a rally in new york showered says she owes her life to the two men. >> they're innocent men, two compassionate, beautiful
6:24 pm
people. and if it wasn't for them, i won't be standing here today. and able to have strength to go ochbl they help immediate get through 14 months of prison. >> sunday's hearing is two we'res to -- years to the date after arrests of the bored year tropical storm don is on track to reach coastal texas tex tonight, not expected to become a hurricane but it's bringing one thing texas needs most right now. rain. 90% of the state has been suffering under heat and drought conditions for months. families drove to the coast today, just to enjoy some wet weather. >> and if it rained out there, i'll get a bar of soap. >> we wanted to be where rain was. we know how it looks. >> you have forgoten? >> i have. >> and the center of the storm is expected to strengthen before coming ashore tonight. then, weaken moving through south texas, tomorrow. >> and president obama announced a deal with car manufacturers this morning
6:25 pm
saving you money at the pump down the road and cut fuel emissions. agreement promises to double fuel economy to 54 miles per gallon by 2025. much will come from increasing the number of electric cars, helping reduce the country's oil consummation by 40%. and president obama call that had deal a major compromise between environmentalists and auto maker autos just as cars will go further on a gallon of gas, our economy will go further on a barrel of oil. and next 15 years we're going to reduce the amount of oil we need by $2.2 million barrels per day. >> the president says this will save the average family more than 8,000s ndz costs over time. >> and tonight's money matters chevron rakes in big bucks. high oil prices made up for a decline in production, and chevron today reported earnings of $7.7 billion, a 43% increase over last year. and yahoo struck a deal with chinese internet company that
6:26 pm
is partially own bid yahoo. the deal assures yahoo it will share in the profits and fr a business spun would have out notice or compensation to yahoo z revised figures from commerce department reveal great recession was worse than anyone thought n 18 months, u.s. economy shrank 5.1%. a full point more than estimates. >> and still, coming up tonight at 6:30 a california watch investigation into who is behind the marijuana farms on public properties and a massive effort to eradicate them. >> a fitting tribute to a man who gave his life trying to save one. >> plus, a tribute to what may be the world's most-famous kiss, and a call for a national day of remembrance.
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now underway in northern california one of the largest marijuana eradication efforts in history. operation full court press taking place in mendocino national forest. 100 people have been arrested so far but who is behind these operations? our media partner california watch has just completed a major project looking inside of the marijuana trace. for years, authorities are trying to put a stop out of illegal marijuana coming out of california. last year, they seized several million plants. it's been found in national parks. in mendocino county officers have been training for a joint, local state and fed rate ral operation. the largest series of raids conducted in this part of northern california. last week, the raid started, spearheaded by the sheriff. >> we're at a fork in the
6:31 pm
road. if we don't make then we may get to the point of no return. >> the battle is turning violent. >> this was found in a garden. >> drug agents killed two armed mexican men at remote pot farms in mendocino county. >> i have had people come and say my family hunted in mendocino fashional -- national forest five generations. every time he go there, we hear shots being fired around, people walked into our hunting camp and said get out of here. >> it isn't just hunters and hikers that are afraid this, man spent years growing marijuana illegally in california forests. he's a grower from mexico and says increase in violence drove him out of the business. so what is going on inside of the illegal operations?
6:32 pm
ron brooks, leading a drug task force in northern california says there is a connection between illegal growing on public lands and drug gangs based in mexico its not just growers there has got to be a network meaning stash houses and communications. people rent cell phones and drive trucks, people that sell the marijuana for wholesale and retail, people get the money transferred back to mexico, which is where the command and control is for many organizations. you're talking about a very big organization. >> this man talked with athe center for investigative reporting and kque, arrested now cooperating with law enforcement. and tells how grow sites work. >> he's a man they call the lunchman, working as a find of foremen them. run several sites at the same time.
6:33 pm
[ speaking spanish ]. >> he says he works for a boss that run their businesses like independent franchises. but they aren't big enough to distribute drugs drugs by them selfs so they rely on the cartels the cart yelz distribute california marijuana and other drugs all over the united states. [ speaking spanish ]. >> authorities say they can't directly tie cartels to marijuana productions here but a former d.e.a.special agent says connections seem obvious. >> the fact california is now
6:34 pm
producing as much as more marijuana than mexico should tell everybody all they need to know. seven million plants we got last year in california. those things just don't happen by happenstance. foreign nationals in yosemite national park growing marijuana doesn't happen by happenstance. >> the former marijuana grower worry what's could happen to california, too. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> california is still nowhere near as violent, the evidence continues to mount showing how big the crop has become in our state. the full court press raids on lands are expected to continue into next week. >> and in marin county sheriff's department held a memorial for one of their own today, shot to death last week by a parole.
6:35 pm
hundreds turned out to pay tribute to jim mathison, trying to help a friend in a domestic violence situation. it's been more than 100 years since the sheriff's office held a memorial like this, family, friends and co-workers remembered the deputy today, there was no template. >> he was amazing. truly amazing man. >> he was a former construction worker who loved law enforcement and joined the department at 40 years old. a man who could never say no to his friends. off duty, jim would stop on the highway in shorts, flip flops and signature hawaiian shirt to render aid, help change a flat tire just check on someone who looked as they they needed help. he was a community server. all the time. >> that helpful nature led to his death. he went to help a family friend whose daughter had been dating a 28-year-old parole
6:36 pm
making threats. he shot him dead in front of the house. he was not on duty at that time but the department hopes that status may change in terms of family benefits. >> there are those who are in charge of making decisions in this regard who are currently reviewing circumstances. i don't know how they're going to decide in this particular matter. >> at the memorial, family and friends painted a verbal portrait of a man of someone who loved people. >> i knew jim over 25 years. he's family. we're close. first i was going to write we're best friends but in this auditorium today there is probably a dozen of his best friends because he was not exclusive. >> marin county sheriff's deputy was 49 years old. he leaves behind a wife and two grown sons. in san rafael, wayne freedman
6:37 pm
abc 7 news. >>
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you probably remember one of the most famous pictures ever taken. the sailor kissing a nurse on the day world war ii ended. there is now a life like sculpture that captured that moment. >> the end of world war ii, august 14th, 1945, times square. life magazine photographer
6:40 pm
captures a moment that becomes an icon. >> this is over. and people could start living again. >> tommy was just miles from times square that day. today, he's a dosent at uss hornet museum where the famous kiss was unveiled. it's a reproduction of a statue displayed in times square a few years ago. it's a symbol. >> it's very important. and it's so nice to think that people still remember and i'm proud to be a part of the greatest generation. yes. >> the first word coming to mind when i see this is you're not maybe going to like this is jellsy! -- jealousy. not because it's him, but we weren't there. >> this is about tribute. and music. >> we tried to do whatever we can to get out and see our veterans and make sure they're happy and he sing music they love so much. >> this statue is called
6:41 pm
unconditional love. it's what it's all about. a tribute to unsung heroes of world war ii. the woman in the picture was edith shane. a nurse. she says she wanted to do something to so people who fought in the war would not be forgoten. >> see that a day would be set aside where ordinary heroes were celebrated would be recognized. >> so the national spirit of 45 day has become a reality. it's august 14th. the statue will be in bay area locations for a few weeks. edith shane died a year ago. today would have been her 93rd birthday. >> and the story we did with edith when she visited last year is posted for you on our web site abc 7 and you'll find a schedule of where the sculpture will appear. >> coming up next... >> a mural, a piece of
6:42 pm
contemprarey art in need of a new home.
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6:44 pm
diego rivera was best known for large murals and now there are plans to move one of them. it's been without a proper
6:45 pm
home since 1940. >> this is the larnlest standing mural crammed inside of a small performing arts theater at city college. it was never intended to live here. in 1940 a plan was to build a library big enough to house the mural. but then, world war ii. >> the worst is that you couldn't get concrete or steel. so finally when they did put up a library there was more need for classrooms so there wasn't anything large enough this, is 22 feet high by 74 feet long. it does take up a little bit of wall space. >> that is nearly as long as a tennis court. in 1940 the president of city college and well known architect convinced rivera to come to san francisco to participate in golden gate international exposition. it rivera only four months to complete the fresco.
6:46 pm
known as pan american unity mural he was paid a thousand dollars per month for living expenses and a thousand dollars travel. but... the mural is his gift to city college. >> this is a fusion between the great past contributions of latin america, and later, north america's technology innovations. a panorama of the city covers a significant portion. his ex-wife, artist freida khalo is prominently shown and she the later remarried in san francisco's city hall. for more than 20 years this mural was stored in crates until installed into small theater. very little is known about it. >> nobody had been able to get here to study it. >> and there is a relocation
6:47 pm
proposal the organization called deyego rivera mural project got the attention of the mexican government. a panel of experts arrived to examine the mural to see how it could be transferred. >> it was fresco has to be very well protect sod during movement it doesn't get damaged. and that is what the mexican experts are experts on. >> each panel is fastened to steel frames, here is what the back of the mural looks like. and plans are underway to move the mural, the place that would house it has yet to be built. this is a proposed site behind me. a parking lot here at city college. this is what the building would look like. and she and her husband works. >> we want to make sure money
6:48 pm
is coming from friends of diego and will not interfere with money that has to do with other programs or education. this is outside money that we want to provide the college to be able to do this. >> and they'll have to rely on the pockets. there are three other murals in the bay area, one at city club, a second at art institute and there is another at uc berkeley. many believe the mural at city college should have a home worthy of its stature. >> and that is incredible. >> wow. >> and i have weather. 90 in antioch. and all into upper 80s, up to 70 in oakland and there is
6:49 pm
some fog, holding temperatures into 60s, san jose, morgan hill, low to upper 80s. occasional high clouds here in the bay area, same moisture that going to provide with high clouds will result in thunderstorms. so if you're heading to yosemite, 89 there. 82 in tahoe. you'll see storms developing there once again. and there is 80s around los angeles. fog on the cool side, 62 degrees, mid 60s to low 90s tomorrow, temperatures into the same sort of range for sunday and then, a little bit cooler. but this weekend you'll notice high clouds coming in from the south and just a little bit of a subtropical feeling. >> terrific and perfect weather for a run. >> you think? >> absolutely. great segway. >> and this is a weekend of a
6:50 pm
marathon. the app allows you to track the location of a runner from your computer or smart phone and pin points one or several runners on the map by using radio transmitters coming with their numbed bids. >> so if you're like on the route there is you can tell when they're coming around the bend. it's useful. you can get signs up. you know? get horns out and cheer on your friends. >> and that makes app and is working on a feature to allow you to send messages during a race. >> that would be tough. >> and coming up next, the two key 49ers who have not shown up for training camp. >> and from x games tonight a competitor places third with a broken leg.
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tonight at 9:00, a sacramento home becomes a shelter in place, thousands of
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bees and getting rid of them only makes this problem worse. and a debt crisis, it impact on you and where smart money is heading is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> right. but now, larry beil with sports. >> yes. football to talk about. >> and there is 49ers held a practice today. and absent is frank gore, he's holding out. michael crabtree, who can't practice. he his left knee is in a boot. and he could miss all of training camp, yet again. niners fined alex smith today but the new nfl contract says he's not allowed to practice until thursday. so the yeek is taking snaps and trying to learn how to take the snaps, played out with a shot z.going to be a work in progress. and there is coach on gore. >> i worry about frank. you know? i like frank. he's a 49er. you know? and i hope he comes back.
6:55 pm
>> each year it's going to be change. and unfortunately there are some guys i've had the pleasure of playing with that are no longer with us anymore. you know that is just part of the game. >> and that, it s niners were to issue the former raider the quarterback finally made his decision today, siding with the philadelphia eagle who's came out november where, swooping in with a five-year, $60 million deal. $20 million guaranteed. the first eight years of the nfl career in oakland. on to baseball, giants opening a weekend series in cincinnati. and there is dusty baker's pitcher tonight, the d train and carlos beltran hit as a giant to left, freddy lewis with a strike to the plate.
6:56 pm
and there is tag high, didn't get the foot down sliding in. and there is jay bruce into voguel song. and there is two earned runs and giants tying it into the 8th off reliever billy brai. and there is aub dree hough trying to score from first, he's safe. right now, they're tide, 3-3, in the 8th. x games going on in l.a.. and there is a competing in last night's bmx competition. lost balance, fell 45 feet, broke his femur. he had surgery is and is going to be okay. and earlier this week talked
6:57 pm
about how he's looking forward to a three-peat. >> and i've been working in this trick. you know, i don't want to call myself out, and there sf new struf to -- stuff to bring to you. >> and feeling better is tiger woods, who officially entered pga championship next month. and hasn't played in nearly three months. and this is tiger, back. >> thank you, larry. >> the one to watch. >> that is going to do it for us. >> and we'll see you later at 9:00 and 11:00. [ female announcer ] did you know
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